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Are you are a sensitive man or woman in a transitional life crisis who needs to clear confusion, get unstuck, step into your true purpose, and live a fulfilling life? My mission is to help you transform your confusion and fear into joy, inner peace and life purpose.

For the past 15 years, I have dedicated myself to connecting people like you with the Divine within, with God and the Divine feminine to receive answers and create miracles in their lives.

I have complete confidence in you achieving your dreams because I achieved mine, and I empowered thousands of people globally to step into their greatness. You are in good hands with me. I hold a BA in international law and diplomas in many healing modalities. What sets me apart from other intuitive healers is my powerful Divine Connection, my profound dedication to your transformation, and my own proven method that creates quick and lasting results in days not months.

Through individual sessions, channeled guided meditations, and unique transformational seminars, I help you identify and overcome the hidden obstacles that hold you back from reaching your full potential and life purpose in terms of success and happiness.  I specialize in you achieving a deeper connection with the divine, solving life crises, finding and stepping into your true path to support a fulfilling life of joy, passion and success.

My clients and students experience both immediate and long-term changes that include: inner peace, anxiety and stress relief, deeper connection with the divine, increased self love and activation of their life purpose.

Let’s continue the conversation in the manner that suits you best. Contact me, I am only an email away. Or call me at 650-224-9467.

It’s your life. Live fully. Live it with purpose.


quoteYour information was clear, accurate and practical. Working with you was a life-changing experience for me!quote2  Laura – Los Angeles, CA