Lessons of El Camino

The lessons of Camino are true pearls of wisdom and gifts for the soul. I still wonder how Saint James and the angels of the road were able to provide such an array of different lessons for each pilgrim.  Each lesson is perfect for the soul and brings relief, soothing, wisdom and increased faith. I remember the lesson of Alice who found herself alone on the path in the woods just to discover a big man walking along and furiously mumbling to himself.  Although very tired, she started running from fear of the man, and reached her destination almost one hour sooner than planned.  She found a bed at the albergue and went out to have dinner. Upon her return she found the same big pilgrim in the bed above her own.  There was a lesson there and she was ashamed to find out that all the other pilgrims at the albergue found Mario, the big man to be funny and original.

Counting the blessings

I love Thanksgiving because it offers such a wonderful opportunity to appreciate all the good in your life and give thanks for it. This great reminder of kindness brings joy to my soul and reminds me of all the acts of consideration, all the smiles and all the tears of sympathy that I have shared with others during the year. Although there are some days when I doubt myself as well as others, this time of the year brigs back only memories of love, care and joy that I have shared with my family, my friends and my clients.  When these memories come flooding my mind I smile with delight thinking that we are safe, and there still is goodness in this world in the small gestures and the bright smiles. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

El Camino

Dear friends, how could I relay to you the joy of stepping onto El Camino?  That miraculous road which was walked upon by saints, kings and ordinary people and which is unbelievably rich in history and with a very welcoming energy. This energy creates an aura of goodness, friendship and binding support between pilgrims; it holds up your journey and brings that particular lesson that each and everyone of us needs to learn on this sacred road. On the Camino you will meet with Saint James; you meet your true self, and you will uncover the true potential of your inner power.

On The Way

Seven years ago I went to Santiago de Compostela in Spain, traveling the Camino. Although I did not walk The Way as the majority of the pilgrims usually do, I received many messages, visions and teachings from Saint James, the Virgin Mary, angels of the road, and other beings of light. I was asked by them to write the story of my spiritual journey on the ethereal path of Saint James, and although the book is written and will soon be published in the United States, I still marvel at the wisdom and love exuding from these divine encounters. Now, I am preparing to lead a spiritual group on The Way from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela in the beginning of October.   I remember the embracing warm energy of The Path that supported me and I let all my fears and doubts dissolve in its love, and, my heart is singing with joy when I think of actually walking The Way. El Camino awaits me, and I am ready for it too, with all my heart and soul. Come with me and rejoice in the sacred energy of The Way of Saint James!