The Workshops And The Power Of Transformation

This January I had the privilege of attending a very powerful and transformative seminar, entitled “The Enlightened Warrior Camp”. This seminar was highly experiential and through various interactive techniques and physically challenging activities. I was able to expand my comfort zone and to realize everything that is possible. Everything happened so fast that I did not have the time to process all the emotions connected with these experiences, so I kept getting insights and meanings about myself and life in general for many days after the seminar. Coming back from the seminar I realized that my life would never be the same again. In these times of accelerated evolution, I believe that it is more important than ever to readjust all the time and to align ourselves with our potential and our life force so that we can create the life that we desire. I love quick transformation and I welcome it in my life. Don’t you?

My Wish For You At Saint Valentine

I believe the most important person in your life should be yourself, and of course God. When we are able to create a relationship of joy, self-love, acceptance and self-respect within ourselves it is very easy to convey to all others the message that we are lovable, we deserve respect, joy and fulfillment in our life. And then we can attract the partner who believes the same about themselves and create a partnership and a life of fulfillment. Jesus said:”Love thy neighbor as you love yourself." And the key here is loving yourself first and see and love all others as your equals. On this day of celebration of Love I pray that Saint Valentine who valued Love and performed miracles in the name of Love shall bless each and every one of us, and activate the precious self-love in our hearts. I also pray that we all open and receive his gift with grace expanding our love, and embracing with love all beings on the planet. What is your wish for Saint Valentine? Please share your thoughts with us.