Pray for the healing of the wounded

Dear friends, My heart grieves with pain and sorrow for all affected by the accident in Spain . It is something unheard of that a tragedy such as the train derailment in Santiago de Compostela would occur on the eve of the celebration of Saint James the Apostle – the protector of Spain . We are living times of great changes and realignments of the energy. Let’s pray for the healing of the wounded, the blessing of the departed souls and may peace and joy be again with the Spanish people and with all of us. May God’s love heal Spain and all the places of the world in need of mercy and help!  

Message from Saint Francisc of Assisi

Dear friends, I will be in Europe for the whole summer organizing a series of sacred journeys and spiritual seminars. I just got back from a 12 day pilgrimage to Medugorje and throughout Italy, and I want to share with you a message full of divine inspiration received from Saint Francisc of Assisi in his cathedral: Dear soul, I come to you to bring you peace. The peace that you find when you follow in God's will, when you see the goodness in all and everything and when you live the divine essence as a flow of light and wisdom in the world. See and accept the harmony around you and within you. Live with the rhythm of nature’s cycles together with all living on your planet. The wisdom lives in unity with all. You are blessed and dearly loved, Saint Francisc - a Saint for all. My dear friends, I will be back now and then with more messages, but I will resume the meditations and events only in the fall when I return to California. I wish you a summer full of happiness and divine blessings.