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Danielle-Nistor-cover Sp of Succes(1)Autographed by Danielle Nistor, co-author of Amazon’s #1 Best Selling Book “The Spirit of Success”. Read Danielle’s transformational story “The Divine Contract” on page 75.
“Telling stories is a sacred act of communion; we know ourselves, being known by others; we see and hear ourselves through the eyes and ears of people who will listen to us. Connecting through story, we feel whole, knowing we are not alone.”  
~ Mark Matousek, award winning author & teacher - New York, NY

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About the book:
In “The Spirit of Success” you will find 33 individual stories of international authors. Their stories are about their personal transformation and how they achieved success. Reading these stories, you will be connected to inspired courage, wisdom and heartfelt truths which have never been shared before. Inside the book you will find incredible lessons about how different individuals have fought their way and won their path of success. The inspiration conveyed by this book is that no matter how big your dreams and your challenges are, with perseverance, courage and faith you too can achieve you purpose. 
The topics covered in “The Spirit of Success” are healing, reinventing oneself, success and starting over. In this book you will gain invaluable insights into:
  • The moments that have defined and inspired authors’ lives
  • The lessons they discovered along the way
  • Moving forward in spite of hardship
  • Overcoming obstacles and challenges
  • Finding a true connection with life, with others and with the Divine
  • And so much more…
"After reading the stories I laughed, I cried, and I felt that I gained valuable lessons offered by the different situations we all face on our path to success. This book is all about the “strength” within each of us that makes it a compelling read for everyone you know."
 ~ Juliette M. Willoughby - Lancaster, MA
"Dear Danielle, thank you for sharing your personal story which is powerful and inspirational. With your magic writing you took me along and I could feel your feelings and live next to you, your miracle, and receive personal healing and blessing. Thank you." 
 ~ Catalina Kornya - Brandenton, Florida
"Thanks for writing!  Your writing sounds quite powerful, Danielle, and could be of help to a lot of people." 
~ Mark Matousek - New York ,NY