About Me

Danielle Nistor - Founder of HealingInSpirit


I help sensitive men and women in transition who need to understand who they are and their life circumstances and are longing to connect with the divine and their life purpose now.

I’ve been in the business of empowering people since I was a teenager. Although I was overly sensitive and vulnerable myself I would spend my time at parties listening to people and giving them advice and support.

Living in a communist country was not easy or pleasant. We lacked freedom and information, so that from an early age books have become my trusted companions.

Somehow I always knew intuitively that I was meant to be a healer. But life went by and, confused as I was, I had to try a few different paths. I worked as a successful fashion model and I loved it; until the day when I felt that I was done with this work as I had done the most I could.  I realized that I had lost my spark of interest. So, I went on to my next life adventure.

I took my BA in International Law and, since at heart I am an activist, I was enthused at what was possible for me to do in that area and I dreamed big. But the reality eluded me, as at that time in Romania, the communist laws had not yet been changed so the freedom to create peace and a different world were impossible then. But a dream is a dream; and if it is truly yours, your soul will reconnect with it again and again.

Books about healing and spirituality fascinated me so I read countless of them.  I went to spiritual seminars, I practiced Zen Buddhism, and I gave up eating meat when I was 20 years old, much to my mother’s exasperation.

Later in my life when I came to America, I took on a new transformation, adapting to a new country, new customs, and starting a new life again.  I worked at a Montessori school and although I loved teaching children, I felt in my heart that I was meant to do something else.

So I kept praying, reading, and learning from various teachers, healing myself, evolving and transforming each day.

Inside me I had always a deep yearning for a purpose I could call my own.

My life mission finally found me and it was transmitted sweetly and clearly in the most unexpected way.  I was at the end of my rope and went down on my knees and begged God: Please put me to good use because my life feels empty and joyless.  

Fourteen years ago, I went on a spiritual pilgrimage and there I had a powerful vision of Mother Mary. I was told: “Your mission has begun. You are to be my messenger and connect people with my words of support and my divine love for humanity”. Since then I have been receiving more extraordinary gifts and abilities that have allowed me to craft my own healing method – HealingInSpirit™.

My life is a story of constant transformation that has prepared me for my work as a divine connector, soul guide and messenger of hope. I know the ups and downs, as I have been to both extremes and I have gained a huge understanding and compassion for every human experience.  I am now grounded by my purpose and my divine connection that empower me to support people to create miracles in their lives.

Through my connection with the Divine I healed my depression without medicine or therapy and I learned what are my true needs as a sensitive person in this world.  I became a mentor, authored inspirational books, taught transformational seminars, organized retreats, and led groups to sacred places all over the world.

My life is fulfilled today as I am connected to My Higher Self and my divine team for guidance and support and I live my higher purpose fully.

Today I combine:

  • My innate talent for teaching that is God-given. My seminars are always fresh, experiential, engaging and transformational, making people feel energized and alive
  • My ability to explain complicated and abstract concepts such as symbols, dreams, situations in simple words and making them accessible and revealing
  • A unique talent to bring to light for healing the unknown causes of the problems finding them  in the present, past life times your bloodline and ancestors or in negative influences such as spells  and curses
  • A rare gift to connect you to the Divine Mother, your Higher Self, Masters and your divine team
  • A soothing voice that creates deep alpha brain waves that relaxes and heals when we are doing the prayer therapy
  • The capacity to see the bigger picture of a particular situation and find the deeper meaning and the life lessons behind it
  • Channeling high sources to bring messages of empowerment and guidance for people.
  • Using a wide range of spiritual practices, rituals  and tools to empower you to receive your answers and create big breakthroughs in your life 
  • Never-ending empathy and the power to remain positive, find a solution and encourage people to stay on the right track.
  • A deep belief in the human capacity for achieving great things and in the divine love for humanity that creates every day miracles

All these enable me to connect your mind, body and spirit to create wholeness, understand who you are and what is your life purpose.

When I am not working, I’ve been known to walk the sacred places, to write, and delight in the art of Ikebana. I am a lifelong learner and I attend at least four new seminars and retreats every year. My father was a pastry chef, and I am a sweetoholic.

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Don’t hesitate to reach out and say “Hi”. I’m on FacebookLinkedIn, and of course, I would love to hear your comments on my blog.

P.S. Here is a meditation to connect you with the Divine Mother and to receive her love and her blessings.