Message from Saint Francisc of Assisi

Dear friends, I will be in Europe for the whole summer organizing a series of sacred journeys and spiritual seminars. I just got back from a 12 day pilgrimage to Medugorje and throughout Italy, and I want to share with you a message full of divine inspiration received from Saint Francisc of Assisi in his cathedral: Dear soul, I come to you to bring you peace. The peace that you find when you follow in God's will, when you see the goodness in all and everything and when you live the divine essence as a flow of light and wisdom in the world. See and accept the harmony around you and within you. Live with the rhythm of nature’s cycles together with all living on your planet. The wisdom lives in unity with all. You are blessed and dearly loved, Saint Francisc - a Saint for all. My dear friends, I will be back now and then with more messages, but I will resume the meditations and events only in the fall when I return to California. I wish you a summer full of happiness and divine blessings.  

The Divine Mother

I love the month of May. After celebrating in April Mother Earth, in May we celebrate Mother Day. In May we also celebrate the Divine Mother; May is considered the month of Mary, as some affectionately called her. To me she is Mother Mary – my divine mother the most beautiful being on earth and in heaven. She is also the most loving soul in the entire Universe. She prays for, she heals and she helps every soul no matter what their beliefs, no matter their religion, no matter if they are even against her and her divine  powers. My relationship with Mother Mary started in my childhood when my own mother was sick and the Divine Mother would come to talk to me, and to embrace me in her immense love. As I grew older, unfortunately I kept myself somehow apart from Her for a while, but I rediscovered Her at Medugorje: on the Hill of Apparitions She talked to me asking me to be Her messenger and spread Her words to her children reminding them that they are all loved, and supported, and they are all important to her. Although I may not have done all that I could to share Her loving messages of peace and support, She never complained to me because She is a mother and She is all about love. This month of May I want to say to Her: I love you, I honor you, and I thank you for everything. Your presence in my life is the best gift ever and I am forever grateful to you. Thank you for allowing me to be your messenger and the bearer of your divine love. I am and I will always be your loving, grateful daughter.

Mother’s Day

I write these lines with a strong emotion within because I believe there is nothing as powerful and glorious as a mother on earth, and although my mother would never understand this, I want to dedicate this posting to her. My mother is a beautiful woman with a kind soul. As a child she took off her own dress and offered it to a poor girl in the street; her parents were very upset and she was punished for this. She always had an open heart, listening to others, wishing them well, and praying for them. My mother is also a powerful woman, and sometimes even a bit bossy with others. She has a powerful sense of integrity and fairness and she sticks by her decisions. Her joy and appreciation of life is to go to church and spend quality time with family and friends. She dreamed that her daughters will see the world; something that she could not even think of for herself as she lived under the communist regime, and she achieved her dream. I love my mother and I am in deep gratitude to her for all that I am and all that I have become I owe to her. To my mother and to all the mothers in the world I say: I love you, I respect you, and I bless you.

America – The Loving Mother

I took part Sunday in the Orthodox Easter mass at a Greek Orator church. I was pleasantly surprised to listen to the scriptures in more than 30 languages. As you can imagine it took a while to recite all of them and a lot of effort for the priests to pronounce the words in all these languages. To me the mass was powerful. However the participants at the liturgy had various responses to this experiment. While most of them stayed until the end of the mass, some left in the first few minutes, and others left after hearing the scriptures in their own language. I believe that in these times of change and evolution it is very important to accept the diversity in America as a gift of strength and “to create unity in diversity”. America is beautiful and the proud mother of many daughters and sons. I love her and I am always grateful to her.

Blessings for Boston

Dear friends, It is very hard for me to express in words the grief and pain I experienced when I heard about the tragedy that happened at the Boston Marathon. I believe that many of us are confused about this tragic event which hurt the soul of humanity. We are human beings but also divine beings: sons and daughters of the Creator and one's pain and suffering affects us all. All my prayers and compassion goes to the victims of the terrorist attack and also to each being on the planet. May the Creator hold us all in his blessings and divine heart for healing and wholeness!    

Invitation for togetherness on Earth Day

I LOVE MY PLANET – I LOVE MY EARTH Invitation for togetherness on Earth Day Dear Friends, We live tumultuous times and our collective energy, our thoughts and our love are needed to pray, to meditate and to offer healing for all the injured souls in the recent terrorist attack in Boston and for all the souls that suffer on our planet. Mother Earth also suffers from pollution, from chemical spills and discharges and from the general neglect of its inhabitants. She needs our support, our protection, our healing energy and our compassionate love. I ask you all to come together with me and offer meditations, healing energy and blessings of love for peace and healing on Earth for all humanity and nature. On Monday April 22, I invite you to the Saratoga Hakone Japanese gardens for an afternoon of fun, joy, blessings, and initiation. I will lead a spiritual meditation to connect with the energies of Mother Earth for healing and grounding; and, in a spiritual meditation of gratitude and blessing for Mother Earth. We shall send our group blessings to the Earth, the Sky, the Water, and to Nature. We shall pray for Peace and Healing for all the victims of the terrorist attack in Boston. Individually, in silence, we will connect with trees, flowers and the environment to offer our love, healing, and blessing. This is going to be a fun afternoon dedicated to the planet and to be spent outdoors in the beautiful surroundings of Hakone Gardens. The price of this experiential workshop is $20; this covers the entrance fee and a donation to the organization “Save the Planet”. This is strictly a labor of love without any financial profit. The address is Hakone Estate and Gardens, 21000 Big Basin Way, Saratoga CA 95070, We will meet in front of the gate at 2PM. If you are delayed please buy your ticket at the Hakone gardens store and meet us in the picnic area. Thank you in advance for your participation. Say “Yes” to” I Love My Planet – I Love my Earth“ by responding to: Danielle 650-224 -9467

Prayer For The New Pope

O gracious God, our shepherd and guide! Look with love on Francis your servant, whom you have appointed as successor to Saint Peter. Grant him courage and wisdom and fill him with love for your people. May he serve with fidelity all those whom you have entrusted to his care And bring your Church together in unity of heart and purpose As we seek to fulfill the mission of your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord, Who lives and reigns with you and the Holy Spirit for ever and ever. Amen.    

An Easter Blessing From Lord Jesus Christ

"My dear brothers, As you celebrate me, my life, my death, and my resurrection on Easter, I celebrate you, each and every one of you. I celebrate the transformation you brought on your planet and in your world. Although there are many things in your lives that still need to be improved, let’s celebrate together now a new beginning, a new light, a higher energy, and a new spirit of human togetherness in creating more and more goodness in your planet. This Easter I celebrate you and the divine in you. I bless you now to grow in wisdom, goodness, love and joy. I am Jesus, your brother, and the son of the Divine."

My Wish This Spring

As we prepare to celebrate Easter, I would like to encourage you to let renewal come into your life. This year, the beginning of Spring is celebrated almost at the same time as Easter. I know that after this long cold winter that we had all over the world, we are all ready for some sunshine. My wish this spring is to recreate my life, my body, my website, and to reaffirm my dreams. One of my strongest wishes this spring was fulfilled even before I had the chance to clearly articulate it: I have just signed a contract of representation for my book SOUL LESSONS ON EL CAMINO with top literary agent Bill Gladstone who represents well known authors like Eckert Tolle and Neal Walsh. My heart sings with joy knowing that I will be able to share my life-transforming experiences of my pilgrimages to Compostela with all of you. What do you really wish for this spring? May all your dreams and wishes come true!

A New Pope

Like you, with great amazement I found out that Pope Benedict XVI resigned. Chosen as the Pope is a great honor and distinction; Christians the world over do not expect that person to give up the title and the papal office. But the true question here is: Isn’t the Pope human after all, just like the rest of us? Isn’t he allowed to change his mind and his priorities as much as we are allowed by the divine? I believe that he is and that he has the latitude to let go of his office. I wish the retired Pope Benedict XVI a healthy life. I wish new Pope Francis I much strength, courage, wisdom and compassion to fulfill his mission. I pray for both of them and for all of us to be able to create together the much needed acceptance and unity in the Christian faith.