Month of Love

Dear friends with loving hearts, I am so grateful to be able to do a work I love with the people I love. Thank you for being a part of my life! This is a month of love and renewing. Please be kind with yourself and offer yourself gifts of inner-peace and self-love such as: walks in nature, laying in the Sun, readings of poetry or your  favorite book, mini–massages of your hands, feet and face and also offer yourselves smiles and encouragements in all you do. Because as Louise Hay says: "Love is the greatest miracle cure. Loving ourselves works miracles in our lives!"   Message from Saint Valentine: Dear souls, “Love is the prayer of the heart, and the longing of the soul. The energy of love creates healing, power, joy and beauty. Love is sacred. Treat love seriously.Your self-love, other people’s presence in your life, and the love of the Creator for you. May you know love, embrace love and be a beacon of love! I love you and embrace you with my love, now and forever.” Saint Valentine-a Saint of Love   I am full of joy and emotion as I announce that my coauthored book “Spirit of Success “ is a best-seller book now and it will be available on paperback March 15, 2014.This is my first book published in US and contains my inspirational personal story about  how I achieved success and what success means to me. This book which contains 35 heartfelt breakthrough stories will empower people to create their own success. This month I moved in a new city and with regret I had to postpone our monthly meditation. I look forward to our meditation next month. Initiations with divine feminine energies, readings and healing sessions are available and I received new tools to empower you. Call or e-mail me to request your appointment.   Much love and divine blessings Danielle 650-224-9467

New Year Meditation for Healing and Gratitude

Our New Year Meditation for Healing and Gratitude will take place this Tuesday, January 14 at 07:00 PM PST. In this channeled group meditation we shall celebrate the beginning of this year with gratitude. I will connect you to the Divine energies of the Ascended Masters, and we shall offer a group blessing to our country and the planet. Space is limited. Reserve your webinar seat now at: Please help me to help more people connect with the divine energies by forwarding this invitation with a short recommendation of me to all the people you care about. I will greatly appreciate it.

The Gift of 2013

Dear Friends, As we now said good bye to 2013, please take a moment and connect with the gifts that this past year has brought into your life. See every event of the year as a gift because it was a gift indeed, a gift offered by the Spirit to help you grow in wisdom, love and inner peace. If you went through a separation, a divorce, or a loss see it as a closure. If you experienced the loss of an opportunity see it as a reminder that there is greatness in you and that new and better opportunity will open to you at the right moment. Surrender 2013 to the divine now, learn from its lessons, embrace its goodness, and smile to a year lived fully. This is my New Year Message for you: A New Year is here with new opportunities and blessings. Take this new beginning and enjoy life, be open, be ready for all the gifts and promises that this New Year will bring your way. Allow the wisdom, the light and the divine love to fill your heart now. Step now into the New Year with an open mind and joyful heart. Be ready for a year full of miracles. May all your dreams come true in 2014!

Nelson Mandela

My heart grieves with sorrow for losing Nelson Mandela. He was a true master bringing the spirit of peace, forgiveness and community to us on Earth.  My deep condolences go to his family, to the whole of Africa and whole world who respected and admired him. I pray that his soul is blessed in heavens for the amazing work he did for us here. May we use his teachings of love and compassion wisely to create a better world for all.


Dear Friends, As we celebrate Thanksgiving this week I want to send my gratitude and love to everyone and everything that has contributed to my fabulous year of successes. I give thanks for a year of fulfillment: seminars, my first retreat, pilgrimages to Italy and Greece, and everything that I have learned and I taught. I give thanks to my family, my friends and the great teachers who provided inspiration and allowed me to be truly who I am. I give thanks to all of you dear friends and clients, you who provided endless possibilities for me to learn your stories, your dreams and the magnificence of your human experience. I appreciate you, I love you and I wish you a very happy Thanksgiving full of peace, joy and gratitude. Love and divine blessings, Danielle    

Veterans Day

Veterans Day is an important day to remember.  

Today I want all the veterans and their families to know that your sacrifice is not forgotten. 

As we remember you, we praise your fight and your sacrifices. You brought honor and dignity to our country and to our lives, and your names are blessed and will be remembered for ever.

Thank you for everything you did for us.


May God bless you forever!

What we should learn from what is happening in America right now…

I was sad to find out about the shooting that took place at the LA airport last Friday. Coincidentally, I was at a workshop in a hotel very close to LAX, and when the presenter asked us to hold a moment of silence I thought for a moment that it was a game, an exercise in the workshop… And indeed it was, but on a much bigger scale. When Monday night I heard about the shootings in the Garden State Plaza, the NJ mall where I shopped often 10 years ago when I lived there, I got really scared, and worried and frustrated. When I came to America 20 years ago I felt completely safe everywhere I went. What has happened that would create such darkness in people to make them attack their own brothers with no apparent reason? What is it with us as members of the human race that prevents us from transcending the darkness, the violence and the emptiness in our souls? What are the answers to the questions that we all need to ask ourselves in order to create order in this beautiful land of ours? What is the answer that we need to hear in order to create inner peace? What is the emotion that we need to feel right now? What is the thought that we need to disconnect right now? What do we need to acknowledge right now in order to create a safe world for us all? We are all part of the collective consciousness, and I invite you to answer to these questions to yourself and become part of the solution rather than the problem.

The Day of Saint Francis

On the day of the celebration of Saint Francis of Assisi I was visiting through a serendipity the old Mission San Antonio de Padua in California.
In the garden of the mission walking towards the entrance of the old church, a priest caught up with me and started talking to me. I thus found out that he was a visitor to the site as well and that he was about to hold the mass in about 15 minutes. It was from him that I learned that Pope Francis was at that time in Assisi praying for peace on this sacred day.
I joyfully remembered the medieval city of Assisi: serene, elegant, cozy, and joyful, protected and embraced by Saint Francis’  love and devotion.
Connecting to Assisi I received these words:
Dear one,
Start the day by declaring this a day of peace. Breathe in the energy of peace and carry the light of peace in your being.
Let go of any being emprisoned and judged in your mind.
Let there be peace in your mind, in your heart and in your whole being.
I bless you with my celestial peace.
Saint Francis of Assisi

International day of Peace

Dear friends, I am finally back home after an extended work journey to Europe, to share with you a new blog dedicated to peace. On September 21st we celebrate the International day of Peace. Peace has been a strong desire on our planet for decades now.  Asking myself why  we could not yet achieve peace on Earth, the answer received from my inner self was that we lack awareness about our own inner peace that is not fully understood and completely integrated within our heart and being. I suggest to you a simple exercise that you can do right now.  Put your right hand on your heart and ask now: “Dear heart what is the meaning of peace to you?   How can I offer reconciliation and tranquility to you?” Listen carefully to the answers of your heart and let them flow into your being. Let us invite now among us the angels of peace to bless every human being in the process of reaching the true peace of their heart.  I ask the angels of peace to bless all the corners of our Earth with the divine essence of peace, the peace of divine love that touches and heals every soul. May this peace be always with you and within you my dearest friend. Danielle

Pray for the healing of the wounded

Dear friends, My heart grieves with pain and sorrow for all affected by the accident in Spain . It is something unheard of that a tragedy such as the train derailment in Santiago de Compostela would occur on the eve of the celebration of Saint James the Apostle – the protector of Spain . We are living times of great changes and realignments of the energy. Let’s pray for the healing of the wounded, the blessing of the departed souls and may peace and joy be again with the Spanish people and with all of us. May God’s love heal Spain and all the places of the world in need of mercy and help!