America – The Loving Mother

I took part Sunday in the Orthodox Easter mass at a Greek Orator church. I was pleasantly surprised to listen to the scriptures in more than 30 languages. As you can imagine it took a while to recite all of them and a lot of effort for the priests to pronounce the words in all these languages. To me the mass was powerful. However the participants at the liturgy had various responses to this experiment. While most of them stayed until the end of the mass, some left in the first few minutes, and others left after hearing the scriptures in their own language. I believe that in these times of change and evolution it is very important to accept the diversity in America as a gift of strength and “to create unity in diversity”. America is beautiful and the proud mother of many daughters and sons. I love her and I am always grateful to her.

An Easter Blessing From Lord Jesus Christ

"My dear brothers, As you celebrate me, my life, my death, and my resurrection on Easter, I celebrate you, each and every one of you. I celebrate the transformation you brought on your planet and in your world. Although there are many things in your lives that still need to be improved, let’s celebrate together now a new beginning, a new light, a higher energy, and a new spirit of human togetherness in creating more and more goodness in your planet. This Easter I celebrate you and the divine in you. I bless you now to grow in wisdom, goodness, love and joy. I am Jesus, your brother, and the son of the Divine."

My Wish For You At Saint Valentine

I believe the most important person in your life should be yourself, and of course God. When we are able to create a relationship of joy, self-love, acceptance and self-respect within ourselves it is very easy to convey to all others the message that we are lovable, we deserve respect, joy and fulfillment in our life. And then we can attract the partner who believes the same about themselves and create a partnership and a life of fulfillment. Jesus said:”Love thy neighbor as you love yourself." And the key here is loving yourself first and see and love all others as your equals. On this day of celebration of Love I pray that Saint Valentine who valued Love and performed miracles in the name of Love shall bless each and every one of us, and activate the precious self-love in our hearts. I also pray that we all open and receive his gift with grace expanding our love, and embracing with love all beings on the planet. What is your wish for Saint Valentine? Please share your thoughts with us.

The Dream

Today we celebrate Martin Luther King. He dreamed of a better world for all of us: "Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that." - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Let me share with you a few words about my dreams: I have a dream that one day soon we are going to share who we are and what we have with all others – creating on every planet a welcoming home for all of us. I have a dream that through a leap of consciousness we will save the planet making room for all our brothers and sisters, for all plants, animals and birds to expand and live free. I have a dream that we reconnect with our divine nature being one with God, and inviting the divine light into our lives. I have a dream that we live an authentic life, and we create a healthy model for our children nourishing their dreams and transformations. I have a dream that as we live our dreams we make room for even bigger dreams for all of us. What is your dream?  Please share your dreams with us. May your deepest dreams come true!

A New Year And A New You

A brand New Year started and more opportunities to renew our lives are here for us now. What do you believe is waiting you in 2013? What is this year’s theme for you? Choose an adjective describing this year. What personal qualities do you want to enhance in this year? What dreams do you want to accomplish this year? What is your personal mission this year? Please answer all these questions to be able to start consciously creating your own 2013.  And if you want my help with manifesting them I will be honored to help you. May 2013 be the best year ever of your life!

Happy New Year, Dear Friends!

I wish you a year of joy, love, prosperity and magic!  And that you will manifest in your lives all the desires and the goals you set for 2013. I welcomed the New Year at Yoshi’s San Francisco (the landmark jazz bar on Fillmore street) listening to the funky sounds of Maceo Parker.  This month I am going to travel to three different destinations, and I believe my 2013 is going to be a year of transformation and rapid improvement in many areas of my life. On the first of January while filling up in a gas station, I watched other customers around me as they laboriously and with tense faces were cleaning their cars. I understood then the New Year’s resolution concept in a very different light. Those people did not look motivated or happy to accomplish their task;  they were hastily going through the motions acting out of self imposed duty and maybe even shame, and I understood why a lot of New Year’s resolutions do not last beyond the end of January. I decided then and there to make 2013 a year of being, a year of going with the flow in my life.  A year of acceptance and allowance.  A year of trusting and letting God bring into my life all that is most important for me to have, to do, and to be. What about you, dear friends? What are you ready to let go or to start anew in your lives in 2013?

Ending the Year with Joy

Joy, pure and unalterated joy is a rather new feeling to me and I deeply regret that I did not know how to cultivate it many years earlier. The meaning of joy was a secret to me, nothing but a word from books or movies, the meaning of which totally escaped me. I learned to discover joy through an assignment given to me to at a seminar about personal development.  I had to schedule each week an activity that created joy for me. I enjoy creating a flower arrangement, or to teach a seminar, or go on a pilgrimage, but to do something every week just for myself was a totally new concept for me and I was not able to accept it not even as an assignment. This year however, I have discovered joy in a different way, by connecting with Sammy, a beautiful lioness cub only 2 months old in Cabo San Lucas in Mexico. Her love, her full trust in me when I was holding her in my arms, her tenderness, and her acceptance taught me that joy is a simple feeling of fulfillment. It all happens when you are in touch with another being.

The Blessing of Christmas

Just like many of us I have discovered Christmas in my early childhood. Christmas meant snow then, a beautiful Christmas tree, and of course the gifts. The best of all though was being able to spend more time at home with my parents in that joyful atmosphere of celebration. I remember the smell of Christmas in our home like it was yesterday: the cookies the tree, the hot wine and the fresh coffee.  Christmas meant then a refuge in a wonderland of calm, peace, safety and joy. I have truly discovered Christ in Israel, during my pilgrimage last year. I still remember His embracing energies of love and kindness, and His lessons of divine wisdom encrypted everywhere in all His sacred places of power. I have also discovered Christ in the church of the Jesus Infant of Prague, not in Prague the capital city of the CzechRepublic, but in Prague, Oklahoma a Shrine that I had come upon through a miracle during a trip across country.  I knelt in front of the Infant Jesus praying that He will be by my side throughout my whole life’s journey and I felt the most pure love embracing my heart. These days I pray for Jesus to be touching us all with His divine peace and love. Blessed be your Christmas as well, and may you be full of joy this holiday season, and may you feel the Christic love in your heart.