Channeled Blessings for the Soul

Prayers for protection and divine connection throughout the day:

Blessing in the Morning:

I am thankful for this new day of my life and I declare it to be a day of inner peace, joy and healing. I breathe now, and fill my whole being with the energies of the new day which is now starting.

I call on my angels and guides to protect me on this new day and to teach me all that I need to know.

I call on the Holy Spirit to speak through me words of compassion and to guide me in actions of kindness and self love.

I call on Jesus and Mother Mary to embrace me today with their holy energies and to show their love for me.

I am a child of God and I dedicate this new day to His greatness and love.

I thank the universe in full trust for providing me with everything I need today and always.

I give thanks for all the divine intuitions and meaningful experiences that will add wisdom and joy to my soul today.

Thank you all. I love you and I praise you.

And so it is.


Blessing at Midday:

I call now the Holy Spirit and the Angels to come down and to engulf me in their golden veil of protection.

My entire being is now covered in a fine golden veil of protection.

I am under divine protection and no harm can touch me. I am protected from harmful words, thoughts, and energies. I am touched only by what is pure, what is useful and what resonates in my heart.

I thank the Holy Spirit and the Angels now, for their protection and blessings.

And so it is.


Blessing at Night:

I am thankful for everything that was given to me today, and now I am thankful for this night that comes with rest and healing.

I breathe deeply and let go of all words and thoughts which must be released. I let go from my body of worn out energies, of pain and unfriendly emotions.

I call on my guides and my Higher Self to help me fully integrate the teachings of this day into my soul.

I call now on the archangel Raphael to heal me tonight at all the levels of my being. I call on angels to heal my family and friends tonight. I call on the divine masters to heal all souls which need peace and protection tonight.

I call on my guides and the Higher Spirit to send me peaceful dreams and insightful messages.

I thank Jesus and Mother Mary for embracing me tonight into their loving energies.

I am a child of God and my soul is protected by Him tonight and always.

Thank you all. I love you and I praise you.

And so it is.