On The Way

Seven years ago I went to Santiago de Compostela in Spain, traveling the Camino. Although I did not walk The Way as the majority of the pilgrims usually do, I received many messages, visions and teachings from Saint James, the Virgin Mary, angels of the road, and other beings of light. I was asked by them to write the story of my spiritual journey on the ethereal path of Saint James, and although the book is written and will soon be published in the United States, I still marvel at the wisdom and love exuding from these divine encounters. Now, I am preparing to lead a spiritual group on The Way from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela in the beginning of October.   I remember the embracing warm energy of The Path that supported me and I let all my fears and doubts dissolve in its love, and, my heart is singing with joy when I think of actually walking The Way. El Camino awaits me, and I am ready for it too, with all my heart and soul. Come with me and rejoice in the sacred energy of The Way of Saint James!

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