Divine Connection

Are you longing to create a deeper relationship with the Divine? As a conduit of the energy from the Realms of Light and a messenger, it is my privilege to connect you with the Divine so that you will feel the embrace of divine love and be healed to the core.

1. Divine Initiation

During a Divine Initiation you will be connected with the energies of your own angels, your spirit guides, the Ascended Masters, Jesus and the Divine Mother. They will enhance healing, expand evolution, increase love, and create joy in your life.

quoteWhile working with you I felt the energies and I believe the results are irreversible. Thank you for bringing the Divine Mother into the session; she is a very beautiful lady with a wonderful energy.quote2
Dr. RS, MA, PhD – Life Coach, Therapist and Theta Healing teacher


2. Divine Connection

During a session of Divine Connection your Higher Self and your soul are invited to descend into your life and rekindle their connection with you. Their loving embrace will bring you guidance, healing, empowerment, and joy.

quote… I do not have the words to describe what I felt… It was as if someone took hold of my very heart and very softly cleansed it all out. An overwhelming peace has engulfed me and I am so happy… Thank you, thank you.quote2
EM – Bucharest, Romania


Time: 50 min

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