Soul Sessions

Do you suffer from past traumas, past lifetime trauma, grief and limiting beliefs? They can steer you away from your true life path and create relationship issues, anxiety and depression. I can guide you on the journey to wholeness as I self-healed myself and supported thousands of clients on the journey to wholeness.

Each session is unique in nature. You will find that I do not predict the future. I only read your energy at the particular moment when the reading takes place and show you the possibilities of what lies ahead.

quoteI couldn’t help noticing that compared to all others I have worked with, you treated my blockages immediately. I did not have to feel in the dark trying to find solutions on my own.quote2
CM, PhD – Bucharest, Romania

Time: 50 min

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The following types of sessions are available:

1. Step Into Your Greatness – Discover your true life path and live your divine soul purpose, now.

quoteThank you very much for your help and for all the paths that you have opened for me.quote2
MB, Esq. – Bucharest, Romania


2. Healing Your Heart – Elevate your self-love, raise your self-esteem, improve your relationships, and heal the traumas of your heart.

quoteAfter our last session I felt elevated, and I keep smiling. You showed me how to feel grateful for all that I am and all that I have in life: my family, my friends, my home, myself…  So, here is a huge thank you!quote2
LB – Kiev, Ukraine


3. Manifest Your Dreams – Realize your soul’s desire with channeled divine help and guidance.

quoteYou did it! We won the trial! Thank you, thank you…And last week I got a new contract, after I did everything you advised me. Thank you very much…quote2
DP – Chicago, IL


4. Holistic Healing – Bring a harmonious balance to your whole being: mind, body, and spirit, and create coherence, healing and empowerment in your life.

quoteAfter working with you I stopped having suicide thoughts and I slept well at night. Thank you.quote2
CN – Mountain View, CA