Soul Translation

If you are a spiritual seeker in search of a multi-dimensional understanding of your being and your life path, the Soul Translation is a must for you.

This ten-page comprehensive report reveals who you are as a multidimensional being, the lessons of your life, and your unique gifts and talents. It also offers detailed information on your thought patterns, emotions, chakras, karmic relationships and soul-related information.

In addition, the Soul Translation shows your blockages, limiting programs, and karmic patterns that affect your present life. Root causes of the problems are identified, and they are removed from your heart, mind, and body during the healing session which is included.

Lastly, this expression of your soul provides the framework for any other healing work in the future.

Benefits of working with your Soul Translation are:

  • Understand your life purpose
  • Reveal your divine gifts and your particular lessons
  • Re-affirm your true essence in the world
  • Create wholeness for your body, mind, heart, and soul
  • Initiate better strategies for your new life

The Soul Translation process includes:

  • Receiving your Soul Translation report
  • Working together to release the blockages identified in the Soul Translation
  • Working together to embody the positive aspects of your new self

Time and time again, my clients are astonished at how accurate their Soul Translation is. They are finally able to understand the hidden cause of their life entanglements, heal, reconnect with their divine nature, and step into their life purpose.

quoteI received today my Soul Translation and it is absolutely incredible…Every word describes exactly how I feel…quote2
GL – London, United Kingdom


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Soul Translation Alternatives

You may long for soul insight but you may not be quite ready for the comprehensive multi-dimensional portrait of your soul. You can get started with alternative readings, such as:

  1. Personal Soul Translation - this reading decrypts and explains personal information as it relates to the physical, mental, emotional, etheric and spiritual bodies. This also includes the Karmic Image Translation.


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  2. Karmic Image Translation – this is to delve into your most important other times of existence, their impact on the present, their lessons, and to explain imbalances which may have no apparent cause.


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  3. Family Lineage Translation- the focus here is to discover and remove spells, curses and other karmic blockages, obligations and imbalances transmitted through the individual’s lineage. This is followed by a treatment session during which the blockages are cleared and any departed souls with connections to you and wandering between dimensions are helped into the Light.

    Includes a healing session


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  4. Partner Compatibility – this explores relationship ties between two individuals at the emotional, mental, spiritual and loving level. I will also identify common lessons, special relationships such as twin souls or soul mates, ties from other times of existence together, and their meaning in this life.


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  5. Specific Inquiry – this is to determine causality of a specific inquiry or situation related to emotional healing, loving relationships, business issues, legal matters, other life situations, and many types of fears.


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