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danielleDivine Connector / Bestselling Author / Teacher /
Channel / Facilitator / Messenger of Hope

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Danielle’s conviction: “It is your life. Live it with purpose.”

Some teachers teach, others heal. Danielle offers to her audience a wholistic experience woven right then and there for their specific needs: vibration attunement, teachings and soul lessons. She blends channeling, teaching, healing and experiential breakthroughs to create a journey onto complete healing and transformation. Most requested workshops include:

1. Connecting with the Divine

In this inspirational talk, Danielle shares her story of connecting with Mother Mary through visions and channeling in a sacred place of pilgrimage, and how accepting the mission entrusted to her she completely changed her life. She offers practical exercises to support your personal relationship with the divine essence and meditations to connect the audience on the spot with the Higher Self and the Divine Masters. Discover how you too can transform your story, empower your life and redefine who you are.

You will experience:

  • Exercises to understand and access your inner guidance and the best path for you to connect with the Divine.
  • Rituals to support your daily connection with the Divine.
  • How to connect with your Higher Self, angels, higher wisdom and Spirit.

2. Healing  with the Divine

In this presentation, Danielle will inspire and motivate you to recognize and celebrate your divine source of well-being. She will share with you her own successes through the poignant stories of her own personal life challenges. She will empower the audience through sharing real stories of miracles that have happened to her and her clients. Audiences will receive her support to acknowledge their vulnerabilities, and will invite the healing to start right then and there.

 You will experience:

  • Exercises to access your inner feelings and to improve your mood.
  • Rituals to support your wellbeing.
  • Tools to connect with your higher wisdom and divine healing energies for support.

3. Connecting with the Divine to Understand Yourself and Find Your Purpose

Living your higher purpose is the most important path in life. It is fully achievable and it is supported by the whole Universe. We are all part of a bigger picture and when serving the Universe in your right place, you are also supported and sustained by all others. Danielle will connect the audience through channeled meditations with the place of knowing where they will be invited and divinely supported to step into their life purpose.

You will experience:

  • Meditations to get in touch with your soul desires.
  • Rituals and exercises to explore and understand your inner gifts and your mission in life.
  • Tools to connect with your life purpose and live it fully.

4. Manifesting Success with the Divine

Danielle will share with you the secrets of her success offered to her by the Divine Masters. She will create a deep connection to the Spirit of Success and you will receive blessings and activation of your qualities and attitudes leading to success. You will be supported to partner with the Divine in order to achieve success in the quickest and the easiest way.

You will experience how:

  • To ask for what you want in positive terms
  • To connect yourself deeper daily with your vision and dreams
  • To connect with your higher wisdom and the source of divine success to support your manifestation

5. Healing Depression with the Divine

Depression is a disconnect from the joy and meaning of life.  There are many causes, we can say.  Some of them are grief, hurt and trauma. Danielle will teach you that although depression happens to everyone at some point in time, you can reconnect with a better state of mind through simple steps and by using spiritual tools.  With meditations and exercises you will invite life’s force to regenerate and reconnect you with Source and life itself. She shares her inspirational story about how she was born with depression due to her mother’s painful divorce and trauma, and how she healed herself completely without medication and traditional therapy.

You will experience:

  • Exercises to access your inner feelings and to switch your mood.
  • Rituals to support your wellbeing.
  • Meditations to connect with your intuition and divine healing energies for support, care, and healing.

6. Connecting with the Masters of Ascension for Evolution

We are living today on the planet extraordinary times of transformation and high speed evolution. The Masters of Ascension offered for the first time through Danielle special initiations and attunements to support accelerated evolution and inner growth.

You will experience:

  • Spiritual tools to speed up your evolution.
  • Rituals to support your daily connection with the Divine and enhance self-evolution.
  • Meditations to connect with your Higher Self, the Masters of Ascension and your divine team to receive guidance for evolution.

7. Manifesting Abundance with the Divine

Abundance is your divine birthright. Danielle will share with you her secrets of manifesting abundance that were offered to her by the Ascended Masters. She will create a deep connection to the Spirit of Abundance to receive blessings and to raise your vibration in order to manifest abundance in your life quicker and easier. She will share the importance of motivation and attitudes that support the manifestation of abundance. You will discover ways to partner with the Divine in order to create more abundance in your life.

You will learn how:

  • To ask for what you want in positive terms.
  • To clear obstacles on the path to abundance.
  • To immerse yourself deeper within your vision and dreams.
  • To connect with your higher wisdom and the source of divine abundance to support your manifestation.

Booking an event:

If you are a meeting planner, program chair or you book speakers for events you’ll find Danielle’s topics to be ideal for audiences of spiritual seekers, healers, artists, business owners, and college students. Her speaking topics can be customized for small and large groups. Danielle will tailor her presentations for a keynote speech or for a full day of training (20 minutes to 6 hours). Her audience describes her as charismatic, authentic and inspirational, she is extremely passionate about inspiring and helping her audiences to make positive changes in their lives. She’ll make every minute engaging, motivational, inspirational, informative and interactive.

For bookings, contact Danielle at 650-224-9467 or Danilun@yahoo.com

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Since 2002, Danielle Nistor, the Divine Connector has passionately empowered thousands of men and women internationally in transitional life crises, to clear confusion, get unstuck, step into their true purpose, and live fulfilling lives.

Over the years she held seminars and retreats in the U.S., Canada and across Europe bringing empowerment, healing, inspiration and deep transformation in people’s lives. Danielle has a BA in International Law and she has published several inspirational books in Europe and the U.S. She also applies her own proven powerful method HealingInSpirit™ in custom tailored one-on-one sessions with her clients to bring quick and long lasting transformations in their lives.

Danielle is a life-long learner, she graduated Klemmer & Associates’ Leadership Development Training program and the Peak Potentials’ Quantum Leap Business & Personal Development program. She is a certified coach and holds many certifications in alternative healing.

She is a Divine Connector, Inspirational Speaker, Facilitator, and Best-Selling Author of the #1 Best Seller “The Spirit of Success”. Her mission and commitment are to empower people to heal their soul, to love themselves and fulfill their life purpose.

Danielle facilitates transformational retreats, experiential workshops, inspirational group meditations and provides mentoring to empower men and women to connect with their authentic life and live their higher purpose.

Danielle shares her personal story of overcoming her personal challenges of depression, adapting to a new world and achieving success, and incredible stories of miraculous healings and transformation happened in her clients’ lives and her own.

She speaks globally to motivate men and women to renounce their feelings of unworthiness and the fear that the Divine betrayed them. Danielle shares with her audiences the truth about Divine Love and connects them to the unconditional love of the Divine and to a fulfilling life of true purpose. She empowers them to be authentic, truthful to their soul, and step into their purpose.

Danielle has spoken on international stages, radio shows, and has led groups of pilgrims in many spiritual journeys onto sacred places.

Danielle shares her authentic and inspirational raw delivery of her stories of miracles through keynote speeches, breakout sessions, workshops, and through her books. Audiences love Danielle for her ability to take them on a magic journey of connection with their inner self, allowing their Spirit to shine and create the fulfilling life they are here to live.

Her seminars are fresh, unique, and powerful. They are supported by divine energies and they create lifelong breakthroughs and inner healing.

She is known as the Divine Connector, Soul Healer and Messenger of Hope. She gives back to her community by supporting Smile Train and mentoring low-income spiritual women, two activities that are close to her heart.

In her spare time, Danielle loves to immerse herself in nature reconnecting with Mother Earth and she delights is the art of the Ikebana. She resides in California in the Bay Area.

What Others Say About Danielle’s Speaking Presentations:

quoteWhen I watched  Danielle Nistor’s presentation “Connecting with the Divine Feminine”  during the 2012 Birth of a New Era event I felt  the energies of the divine feminine that  were channeled by her  coming to heal me and I felt in my heart that she is the right teacher for me. I was moved and inspired by her story and her mission to connect people with divine love for healing and empowerment.quote2
Joan LMFT, Palo Alto. California

Danielle delivers on her promises and she will do whatever it takes for her audience to create a transformational experience for you to live the life you always wanted and step out from depression forever! Highly recommended!quote2
Michel –Montreal, Canada

During her workshop, she gave me an insight about myself that I had not been aware of before, which is very rare. No one has ever been able to bring this awareness and this memory out of me as she did it simple, truthful and with grace. I will always thank her for that. She also left me with practical tools of empowerment that I can use all the time.
But the most important gift to me was that now I have a safe place to go to every time I feel unsafe.  Thank you.quote2
Narmin –Toronto, Canada

You are a blessing for our family. I am so happy I could convince my children to come with me to your seminar. We all have good news. I was offered a job that pays double than my old one. I start working and I love it. My daughter plans to get married and my son’s health has improved. My son told me that he could barely stay awake during your last powerful meditation where the healing energies worked directly on him. We were surprised that the topic this year was abundance, but God knows better and truly supports your work.  From my heart to yours, my deepest gratitude.quote2
Felicia –Montreal, Canada

This workshop was amazing.  The meditation with Shakty balanced my masculine and feminine energies and connected me and opened me to greater possibilities of following my path and creating the life I wish to attain.quote2
Jim – San Francisco, California

I chose to participate at your retreat by curiosity.  People like you are very rare and I heard lots of praise on your behalf. But to be within your presence, to work with you it was a big surprise, a gift. You are loving, authentic and you care, and I was transformed deeply. When you changed the  tone of your voice addressing the woman who was in deep grief and made her cry and reconnect with her heart, the whole energy changed in the room, and my own heart healed, too. Please let me know in advance about your plans  for next year, seminars, retreats, pilgrimages.  I have to be part of them.quote2
Maria – Frankfurt, Germany

I went with Danielle on a spiritual pilgrimage to Medugorje. There we prayed and meditated under her guidance and we received blessings and initiations from the Divine Masters. Following that pilgrimage, my whole life was transformed in a miraculous way because, shortly after, I married and I moved to Canada and started a family and wonderful new life.quote2
Gabrielle, Bach Flower Therapist – Montreal Canada