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I have built my CD’s into a series called Meditations with the Divine.

They address spiritual topics such as:

  • Connecting with the Divine
  • Healing with the Divine
  • Manifesting with the Divine
  • Creating Self-Love with the Divine
  • Healing depression with the Divine

Each CD contains meditations and affirmations to support your spiritual needs. All meditations were received by me through channeling from Spirit. I was also guided and I had divine help during the recording sessions… The meditations are all easy to follow, and they can raise your vibration when listening to them.

These channeled meditations will bring you closer to the love of the Creator, the Holy Mother, angels and Ascended Masters. They are your tools for you to receive healing, clarity, insight and inner peace in your life.

Please allow these meditations to touch you deeply in mind, body, heart, and soul and to create a living transformation for you.

Healing Fear with the Divine
CD 6

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Healing Depression with Divine Love
CD 5

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Enhance Self-Love With the Divine
CD 4

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Manifesting with the Divine
CD 3

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Healing with the Divine
CD 2

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Meditations To Connect You with the Divine CD 1

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Spirit of Success
El Mensaje de la Luz
Mesajul Luminii

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The Spirit of Success

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El Mensaje de la Luz

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Connecting with the Divine CD 1
quoteI listened to your inspiring CD. It is very well done and a wonderful means for people to connect to what brings LIFE. Felt thanks.quote2
Adelgund, Minister & QTouch Instructor - Truckee, CA

Healing with the Divine CD 2
quoteYour CD was a tremendous help in relaxing and reconnecting to faith and well-being. By the way, I lent your CD to my mother who was scheduled for surgery in two weeks. After listening to it every day she was told by her doctors that she did not need the surgery any more. The divine energy really worked through your meditation.quote2
Marty - Allendale, NJ

Manifesting with the Divine CD 3
quoteYou taught me that God is a father, a partner and offering my goals to be blessed by the divine brought them faster into my life.quote2
Carol - Sunnyvale, CA

Creating Self-Love with the Divine CD 4
quoteListening to your CD my heart filled up with joy and peace. I started opening my heart more and more to be healed and to accept love again in my life.quote2
Carina - Italy

Healing depression with the Divine CD 5
quoteYour CD was my gentle companion during my depression bringing me solace, hope and support until I was able to start a new life again.quote2
Christian - London, UK

Healing fear with the Divine CD 6
quoteA week after working with you on my issues with fear, listening to the CD and doing the ritual that you told me to do, my law suit that had been going on for 10 years was settled in my favor. It is definitely a miracle for me and I am forever grateful to you for helping me achieve this.quote2
Florentina - Bucharest, Romania