Blessings for Boston

Dear friends, It is very hard for me to express in words the grief and pain I experienced when I heard about the tragedy that happened at the Boston Marathon. I believe that many of us are confused about this tragic event which hurt the soul of humanity. We are human beings but also divine beings: sons and daughters of the Creator and one's pain and suffering affects us all. All my prayers and compassion goes to the victims of the terrorist attack and also to each being on the planet. May the Creator hold us all in his blessings and divine heart for healing and wholeness!    

An Easter Blessing From Lord Jesus Christ

"My dear brothers, As you celebrate me, my life, my death, and my resurrection on Easter, I celebrate you, each and every one of you. I celebrate the transformation you brought on your planet and in your world. Although there are many things in your lives that still need to be improved, let’s celebrate together now a new beginning, a new light, a higher energy, and a new spirit of human togetherness in creating more and more goodness in your planet. This Easter I celebrate you and the divine in you. I bless you now to grow in wisdom, goodness, love and joy. I am Jesus, your brother, and the son of the Divine."