My Wish This Spring

As we prepare to celebrate Easter, I would like to encourage you to let renewal come into your life. This year, the beginning of Spring is celebrated almost at the same time as Easter. I know that after this long cold winter that we had all over the world, we are all ready for some sunshine. My wish this spring is to recreate my life, my body, my website, and to reaffirm my dreams. One of my strongest wishes this spring was fulfilled even before I had the chance to clearly articulate it: I have just signed a contract of representation for my book SOUL LESSONS ON EL CAMINO with top literary agent Bill Gladstone who represents well known authors like Eckert Tolle and Neal Walsh. My heart sings with joy knowing that I will be able to share my life-transforming experiences of my pilgrimages to Compostela with all of you. What do you really wish for this spring? May all your dreams and wishes come true!

My Wish For You At Saint Valentine

I believe the most important person in your life should be yourself, and of course God. When we are able to create a relationship of joy, self-love, acceptance and self-respect within ourselves it is very easy to convey to all others the message that we are lovable, we deserve respect, joy and fulfillment in our life. And then we can attract the partner who believes the same about themselves and create a partnership and a life of fulfillment. Jesus said:‚ÄĚLove thy neighbor as you love yourself." And the key here is loving yourself first and see and love all others as your equals. On this day of celebration of Love I pray that Saint Valentine who valued Love and performed miracles in the name of Love shall bless each and every one of us, and activate the precious self-love in our hearts. I also pray that we all open and receive his gift with grace expanding our love, and embracing with love all beings on the planet. What is your wish for Saint Valentine? Please share your thoughts with us.