Invitation for togetherness on Earth Day

I LOVE MY PLANET – I LOVE MY EARTH Invitation for togetherness on Earth Day Dear Friends, We live tumultuous times and our collective energy, our thoughts and our love are needed to pray, to meditate and to offer healing for all the injured souls in the recent terrorist attack in Boston and for all the souls that suffer on our planet. Mother Earth also suffers from pollution, from chemical spills and discharges and from the general neglect of its inhabitants. She needs our support, our protection, our healing energy and our compassionate love. I ask you all to come together with me and offer meditations, healing energy and blessings of love for peace and healing on Earth for all humanity and nature. On Monday April 22, I invite you to the Saratoga Hakone Japanese gardens for an afternoon of fun, joy, blessings, and initiation. I will lead a spiritual meditation to connect with the energies of Mother Earth for healing and grounding; and, in a spiritual meditation of gratitude and blessing for Mother Earth. We shall send our group blessings to the Earth, the Sky, the Water, and to Nature. We shall pray for Peace and Healing for all the victims of the terrorist attack in Boston. Individually, in silence, we will connect with trees, flowers and the environment to offer our love, healing, and blessing. This is going to be a fun afternoon dedicated to the planet and to be spent outdoors in the beautiful surroundings of Hakone Gardens. The price of this experiential workshop is $20; this covers the entrance fee and a donation to the organization “Save the Planet”. This is strictly a labor of love without any financial profit. The address is Hakone Estate and Gardens, 21000 Big Basin Way, Saratoga CA 95070, We will meet in front of the gate at 2PM. If you are delayed please buy your ticket at the Hakone gardens store and meet us in the picnic area. Thank you in advance for your participation. Say “Yes” to” I Love My Planet – I Love my Earth“ by responding to: Danielle 650-224 -9467

The Workshops And The Power Of Transformation

This January I had the privilege of attending a very powerful and transformative seminar, entitled “The Enlightened Warrior Camp”. This seminar was highly experiential and through various interactive techniques and physically challenging activities. I was able to expand my comfort zone and to realize everything that is possible. Everything happened so fast that I did not have the time to process all the emotions connected with these experiences, so I kept getting insights and meanings about myself and life in general for many days after the seminar. Coming back from the seminar I realized that my life would never be the same again. In these times of accelerated evolution, I believe that it is more important than ever to readjust all the time and to align ourselves with our potential and our life force so that we can create the life that we desire. I love quick transformation and I welcome it in my life. Don’t you?