What I Cherish

It may sound unusual but I cherish celestial beings, notably Mary, the Queen of Heaven. I have had the privilege of being in the presence of the divine ever since I can remember. The other day, I was daydreaming when my thoughts drifted to a time when I was four years old and I was visiting my aunt’s house. There, for hours, I would stare at a picture representing a majestic angel that was watching over two children as they were crossing a bridge. As a child, in the secret world of my room, I would talk for hours with my Divine Grandfather-God who would always listen and make me feel appreciated and loved. The most treasured moments of my childhood were the ones that I spent with Mary, the Queen of my Heart whose celestial beauty, unconditional love, and impenetrable protection enlightened my days. These are but a few of my earliest encounters with the divine and I am grateful for this opportunity to share them with you. Would you please share yours with me?

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